Major in Computer Science Minor in Biology
Course code 60 Subject Term Pre-requisite Course code 30 Subject Term Pre-requisite
Level 1000 - Fall ITI1120 3 Introduction to Computing I F,W   BIO1130 3 Introduction to Organismal Biology F  
MAT1320 3 Calculus I F,W,S   MAT1330   Calculus for the Life Sciences I F,W,S  
MAT1341 3 Introduction to Linear Algebra F,W,S      
ITI1121 3 Introduction to Computing II W,S ITI1120 BIO1140 3 Introduction to Cell Biology W OAC or 4U Biology
Level 1000 - Winter ITI1100 3 Digital Systems I W      
MAT1348 3 Discrete Mathematics for Computing W            
Level 2000 - Fall CSI2110 3 Data Structures and Algorithms F,W ITI1121, MAT1348 BIO2137 3 Introduction to Plant Science: Biodiversity to Biotechnology F BIO1140
SEG2105 3 Introduction to Software Engineering F,W      
MAT2377 3 Probability and Statistics for Engineers F,W,S   MAT2378   Probability and Statistics for the Natural Sciences F,S  
Level 2000 - Winter CSI2101 3 Discrete Structures W MAT1348 BIO2133 3 Genetics W BIO1130
CSI2120 3 Programming Paradigms W CSI2110    
CSI2132 3 Databases I W CSI2110    
CSI2911 3 Professionnal Practice in Computing W            
Level 3000 - Fall CSI3105 3 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I F CSI2110, MAT1361, MAT2343 BIO, BPS or EVS credits 3  
Level 3000 - Winter CSI3000 3 Block A   BIO, BPS or EVS credits 3  
CSI3000 3 Block A   BIO, BPS or EVS credits 3  
          BIO, BPS or EVS credits 3      
Additional credits required by the program CSI, SEG and CEG at the 3000 level or above 3   BIO, BPS or EVS credits at the 3000 or 4000 level 3  
CSI, SEG and CEG at the 3000 level or above 3   BIO, BPS or EVS credits at the 3000 or 4000 level 3  
CSI, SEG and CEG at the 3000 level or above 3      
CSI, SEG and CEG at the 3000 level or above 3                
Block A        
CSI3120 3 Programming Language Concepts F CSI2101, CSI2120 BIO2135 3 Animal Form and Function W BIO1140
CSI3130 3 Databases II F CSI2132 BPS3101 3 Genomics F BIO2133
CSI3140 3 WWW Structures, Techniques and Standards W CSI2110, CSI2132
CSI3131   Operating Systems W CEG2136, CSI2110 BIO3124 3 General Microbiology F BIO1140
BIO3126 3 General Microbiology Laboratory F BIO3124 (co-requisite)
CSI3150 3 Computational Methods for Numerical Problems W,S ITI1121, MAT1348, MAT2377 BIO3102 3 Molecular Evolution W BIO2133
CSI3104 3 Introduction to Formal Languages W,S MAT1361, (MAT2343 or MAT2143) BIO3119 3 Population Genetics ? BIO 2133
CSI4105 3 Design and Analysis of Algorithms II ? CSI3105 BIO3154 Population, Community and Evolutionnary Ecology W BIO2129, MAT2378
CSI4106 3 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence W (CSI3125 OR CSI2115 OR SEG2101) AND MAT1361 BIO3153 3 Cell Biology F BIO1140
CSI4107 3 Information Retrieval and the Internet W (CSI3103 or ELG3300), (CSI3125 or CSI2115 or SEG2101) BIO3152 3 Cell Biology Laboratory W BIO1140
CSI5126 3 Algorithms in bioinformatics F CSI 3105 BIO4138 3 Bioinformatics and the Cell W BIO3124 or BCH3170 and MAT2378
CSI4140 3 Introduction to Parallel Computing F CSI3105 BIO4158 3 Applied Biostatistics F MAT2378
CSI4150 3 Introduction to Numerical Optimization Methods W CSI3150 or MAT2331 BPS4104 3 Bioinformatics Laboratory W BPS 3101 and BIO 3102
Courses with pre-requisites other than the courses listed for the minor:
  = One or the other BIO4115 3 Molecular Genetics W BIO3170 or BCH3170
BPS4101   Human Genome Structure and Function W BCH3170 or BIO3170
BIO4174 3 Biotechnology F BIO3170 or BCH3170
BIO3151 3 Molecular Biology Laboratory W BIO3170
BIO3170 3 Molecular Biology F BCH2333
BCH2333 3 Introduction to Biochemistry W CHM2120
CHM2120 3 Organic Chemistry II F CHM1321
CHM1321 3 Organic Chemistry I W CHM1301 or CHM1311 or Grade 12U chemistry or OAC Chemistry or equivalent